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I am a physicist with a diverse background. I have pursued parallel careers as a telecom engineer, conducted research in mathematical models applied to stock markets, worked as a data scientist, and represented the Spanish national team in international Karate championships.

In my role as a telecom engineer, I have assumed various responsibilities within multinational companies, primarily as a solution architect. As a researcher, I have authored numerous scientific papers and delivered presentations at conferences on topics such as time series prediction and modeling stock markets.

During my time as a Karate competitor, I proudly represented the Spanish National team for seven years, achieving the titles of World and European champion.

My educational background includes a PhD in Physics of Complex Systems, a Master’s degree in quantitative analysis of financial markets, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. Furthermore, I hold a fourth Dan black belt in Karate.

Feel free to explore the “Background and Publications” section on the menu if you would like to learn more about me.

In addition to my expertise in these fields, I have a keen interest in complementary areas such as Philosophy, Psychology, and Eastern disciplines like meditation and Qigong.

I realized that having interest in multiple disciplines simultaneously can be quite challenging, given the finite nature of time and energy. Consequently, I had to find a way to enhance both my mental and physical performance, enabling me to maximize my limited resources and excel in various fields. This contemplation led me to create a training program that I am currently offering to individuals interested in enhancing their performance, well-being, and awareness. If you share an interest in these aspects, feel free to explore the “Shangri-Light”  section on the menu.

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