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A trip to the underlying principles

“Unveiling the reality” is a trip in search of the underlying principles of reality. I believe firmly that reality is a complex object not approachable by a single set of beliefs. Hence, this trip is an attempt to find out how we can face the far from easy task of understanding what we call “reality”.

We will be facing questions like whether there is an objective reality out there, or reality is rather a product of our minds. So, I will be considering our mind to be a part of what I call reality. Whether objective and subjective realities are things totally independent or there is a fuzzy boundary between them is something that we will be exploring. In any case, even if there is an isolated objective reality out there, the interface to understand and interact with it is our mind. Therefore, I do not see how the study of the objective reality could be disconnected from the study of the mind.

In our trip, we will be going through different scientific theories, like Chaos physics and Quantum mechanics; and what they can tell us about reality. Also, we will be analyzing philosophical approaches like Zen, eastern disciplines like meditation or antique books like “The Art of War”, etc. So, no limits, no boundaries in our search for answers, any approach will be subject to be analyzed if it might be useful to reach our goal. In order to carry out a comprehensive study on reality we will be also analyzing certain theories beyond the limits of orthodox Science, like synchronicity; and why not, we will go through some esoteric approaches providing alternative models of reality.

We will try to find links and boundaries among the previous approaches in order to build a set of tools to look from 360 degrees. I hope we can eventually get some insights into reality and obtain some criteria to be used to face practical problems in life. So, we will not be only searching for the underlying principles for our knowledge, but we will be trying to use those principles in our lives, in a practical way.

Therefore, we have a great challenge and a long trip in front of us, welcome on board. I hope you enjoy your reading as much as I am sure I am going to enjoy my writing.


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